Our Team

The Wilcom team is a committed bunch of people.

No matter where we’ve come from before joining Wilcom, we all become passionate about embroidery, even to the point of examining the stitch quality on our friend’s shirts!

Our head office is in Sydney Australia and our team is made up of people from many different cultures and backgrounds. People seem to stay a long time with Wilcom, while we get new blood every now and again, we also have many veterans who have been committed to Wilcom for 10 – 20 years and more!

People describe us like a family. We’re honest, open and work together. Anyone can bring forward a new idea, and we value creative thinking, persistence and good relationships. Our global team includes our staff, partners and resellers all over the world. The industry expertise and local knowledge our team brings means we can deliver products and services that suit different markets and needs.

Our organizational structure

Wilcom International is a privately held company with an independent board that provides governance, strategy guidance and financial oversight. An executive team, reporting to the board, manages the operational aspects of the business.

Wilcom Board

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Senior Executive

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